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Audio-Podcast #1: For The Love of Cookies


My first ever audio-book! Please read this introduction, or scroll down for a direct link to the youtube page where you can listen. There is also a link to the follow-up post, Ingredients – For the Love of Cookies.

It is a short story I wrote in 2014 for my best friend.

I would call it a funny-fable.

I wrote this one night, when I could not sleep. I stayed up all night writing it, and I am convinced that the reason I could not sleep is that the story was demanding me to write it. Erwin McManus mentioned the same “Midnight Disease” that I seemed to have experienced that night in his book, Soul Cravings. I was staying overnight at my best friend’s apartment – we sometimes enjoyed making cookies and soft pretzels together. My best friend is to thank for encouraging me and cheering me up even during a time when I thought nobody could or would do so.

It is a story about love, and it is meant to make people laugh.

I enjoyed writing it for my best friend; I hope you enjoy hearing it.

Author’s Note:

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with marriage, it is a wonderful way to show someone you want to spend your life with them. When you truly love someone, marrying them is just a single drop in an ocean of ways to show them. However I used to believe that a contract can never keep two people together – only love can do that – until a man that I love depended on that contract through an awful turn of events. We did not get married after all, but if we had our marriage would be much more than a contract. It would be a celebration of love.

I believe that everyone should have the freedom to get married to whoever wants to marry them. Also, wives are not slaves – that part of the story has more to do with “unpaid labour” like doing laundry and washing dishes and changing diapers than anything. Anyone can feel like a slave when they have to do that stuff, but if I were a wife I would kinda-sorta enjoy doing those things for my family. I would think of it like tending a garden; it can be tedious and tiring and you might end up covered in who-knows-what but if you are patient and persistent you might end up with a garden full of life and beauty.

The cookie featured in the photo was baked by myself and another of my best friends. It is called a “Will-You-Marry-Me” cookie, which is truly and obviously the best kind of cookie in the universe. I taught my best friend how to make cookies with love, and this cookie in particular turned out to be the most beautiful of any cookies I have ever laid eyes on.

Link to story: CLICK HERE – Youtube – For the Love of Cookies

Thank you for listening!

Please visit this link after you have listened to the audiobook: CLICK HERE AFTER – Ingredients – For the Love of Cookies


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