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I am a Flashlight.

I used to believe that love is always the answer. Now I know that where there is love, there is no question. I did not always understand the difference.

This is a site dedicated to all that I love.

It is my virtual dream board.

It is my way of putting myself out there, not because I need to prove myself, but because I want to share my love with everyone that I possibly can.

There are humorous parts, as well as less humorous parts, but I want you to know that I believe laughter is one of the most powerful and transformative blessings in the Universe and that it is the best thing you can do for yourself – next to loving others and yourself – no matter how dire your circumstances.

Pending approval of the author, as my first project I will be uploading audio podcast on a weekly basis. This podcast will be dedicated to a book that changed my life (one of many). I give all the credit to the author for this beautiful and heartfelt work of love, and I return that love to him tenfold. Instead of telling you about the book, I will be reading parts of it to you and speaking briefly about each chapter. I was fortunate enough to find this book and the words inside when I needed to most – when I was depressed and lost and trapped in an abyss of self-pity. I hope to pass along my good fortune to anyone who is in the same condition, as well as anyone who is interested in the experience of love.

I have started off the audio podcast by uploading my first ever audio-book to youtube. It is a funny-fable I wrote for my friend. The introduction provides a link to the youtube video, and a link to the follow-up. I will be uploading more original stories of mine soon, as well as more information on my plans for a non-profit organization.

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Please be advised that most of the images I post on this website do not belong to me; they are the property of many different people, and often are taken from Pinterest or Facebook. Many of these images have had a profound effect on me, whether they make me laugh or cry. I would be happy to oblige if you are the owner/creator of an image and you would like to get credit on my page, or if you would like me to remove the image.

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The Projects page is dedicated to my many ideas and goals. I welcome you to ask questions and to be part of my ever-evolving journey toward “helping people.” Part of this journey is learning what that means to me, and to others. I will say this; I used to look for happiness by trying to make myself happy, now I look for happiness by trying to make others happy. The feeling of putting a smile on someone else’s face is the best feeling in the world to me, and I know a lot of people would agree. I am searching for and accepting volunteers to help me in any of these projects, and I am hoping for criticism and advice as well.

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If anyone would like to express a concern or ask a question privately, please do so by e-mailing me at Wherethereislove73@hotmail.com. Otherwise, feel free to comment on any of the pages.

About Me:

I am a character and co-author of the greatest story ever Not written.

I am a member of the Church of Love – our temple is in every heart.

I want to share my love with the world, most of all my sweet unicorn prince, and inspire others to share their love and strive for happiness by being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

I work full-time and try to update my blog every day.

I have what Erwin Raphael McManus calls “The Midnight Disease.” It keeps me up all night writing, almost every night.

I have a lot of big dreams – yet no desires for myself. I just want to share my love and make other people’s lives better.

All of my inspiration comes from my love for my sweet unicorn prince, and my love for everything else in the universe.

I like to reach out to anyone who wants to talk – I love to listen.

Listening is an act of love, kindness, grace, and respect – and it can be both challenging and rewarding if we listen to all that the universe has to say. Even when you are unsure of the truth while listening, there is an important lesson to be found, and usually an opportunity to make the choice between caring or ignoring – an opportunity to prove whether we have learned our past lessons well, or to improve our understanding.